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Animals are fun

Welcome to the world of animals! Animals are fun! Let us learn together about some of the most fascinating animals!

Animals! more!


Lets see nature

Mountains, rivers, volcanos, the sea, and even space! Nature is full of mysteries and we want to know more! Let us take a look together!

Lets see nature


Peek at history

History is like sands of time! One small event can change the world forever, will we remember or will wer forget? Check out some of the most amazing stories and persons.

 Peek at history


mythical creatures and legends

To believe or not to believe! History sure has its own share of myths and legens, here you can read about some of the well known creatures, do you believe?

 See myths!

Great people

great-people in history

Great men and women come and go, live and die, but the greatest are written in history and shall be remembered forever! Read about great leaders and great thinkers that changed history!

 See the great

Ask a question!

Ask a question

Do you have a questions you can’t find the answer too? We would love to help you out! send us questions and let us answer together!

Ask a question!

How things work

Have you ever wondered how things are made? glass? mirrors? Wonder no more! We update this section with new videos everyday!

I want to see!