Where? These birds can be found in long Europe,australia and north & south America.

Characteristics: They have thin bills and webbed feet.

There are four types of species of avocets: Andean, american, red necked and pied avocets. They live in large colonies and will aggressively defend themselves if threatened.

Bald Eagle

Where? The bald eagle can be found in coastlines and marshes.

Characteristics: They stand out with white colors in their heads and tails, quite large, and possess large broad wings.

They hunt for rabbits, fish, ducks, geese and reptiles among others.




Where? Catbirds can be found in many varios regions of the world. Characteristics: Catbirds are grey colored and have a chestnutlike shape under their tails. Some of the species are: Black catbird, gray catbird, green catbird and spotted catbird. They are known to imitate sounds of other birds.


Where? Cranes live in every region except south america and antarctica Characteristics:  Long legs and necks. Some of the species migrate over long distances, but not all. They can usually be found living near shallow waters. They feed on insects, rodents, fish and amphibians.


Where? Doves can be found almost everywhere. Characteristics: They are often smaller than pigeons and have longer tails.Some species among them are: Eared doves, laughing doves, orange doves and rock doves. They feed on plants, seeds and fruits to survive.

Eastern Blue birds

Where? They can be found living near farmlands, gardens and woodlands. Characteristics: Female and males have different colors, where the females have grayish heads with blue shades, the males have bright blue heads.    


Where? Several african countries, Chile, Peru, Argentina, and southern Brazil to name a few. Characteristics: They have pink color and unique beaks that can sort out mud and silt when feeding. They live in large colonies and are raley seen alone.  


Where? Pretty much everywhere. Characteristics: One solid colors and webbed feet. They are usually medium sized but can be quite large. They are vegetarians by nature.  


Where? Most hawk species originates from eurasia and africa. Characteristics: Hawks are with short-hooked beaks, broad wings, and curved talons. They prey on frogs, insects and small animals.


Where? They can be found near many wetlands. Characteristics: Herons might resemble storks and mostly eat fish, insect and other small animals in the water.


Where? There are over 90 different species of this bird, and is spread across the world. They prefer wetlands and woodlands. Characteristics: These birds are great at dive fishing, and as other birds have great vision both in air and under water.


Where? They can be found on the  Northern Hemisphere.  Characteristics: They are a crow species, and adapt well to being around humans. Like crows they like to steal things, among small birds from their nests.  


Where? Owls can be found all over the world, except for Antarctica and remote islands. Characteristics: They are night hunters, and sleep during the day. the night. Owls are the birds linked to wisdom and are quite the hunters, they eat anything from small animals to other birds.


Where? They originally come from India, Sri Lanka, and Burma.The peafowl relate to two bird species. Characteristics: The female is called peahen and the male peacock. They are ground eaters and eat insects, reptiles among other. They have an amazing set of feathers which looks like animal eyes..


Where? Penguins live most commonly in the  Southern hemisphere. Characteristics: They cannot fly and their diet is consist of fish and are quite the swimmers.  


Where?  They live inopen fields, forests, and grasslands. Characteristics: They eat insects and seeds, and are medium sized birds. .  


Where?  They can be found on many big cities and places with access to seeds and insects. Characteristics: They eat insects and seeds and can be observed in large numbers mostly anywhere.  


Where? They are native to Southern Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean islands. Characteristics: They have colorful and unique beaks. Their diets consist of fruits and insects.

Trumpeter Swan

Where? They can be found many places in North America. Characteristics: They mainly eat small fish, and live close to water and coastlines.   


Where? They can be found on many areas with hot climate. Characteristics: They are scavengers and eat wounded or sick animals. They have balds heads and are known to attack anything that seems weakened.


Where? They can be found in wooded areas all over the world with the exception of Australia. Characteristics: There are over 180species of woodpeckers. These birds are as their name suggest peckers, and have powerful beaks. They mainly eat insects, nuts and other seeds.